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Has JIT Lost Its Sheen Due To Shortages During COVID-19?

The concept of Just-in-time (JIT) in logistics management is accused of having failed during the pandemic. In this post, Prof.Dr. Ravindra Ojha explains it is a myopic viewpoint to blame the JIT principles of Lean for the shortages created during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

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Why Just-in-Time Remains the Way Forward for Toyota

Automotive Logistics – Leon van der Merwe is leading inbound, outbound and service parts logistics for Toyota Motor Europe. The death of just-in-time supply chains may have been greatly exaggerated. While material and chip shortages, along with delays to... read more

It’s Time To See JIT As A Hero Rather Than A Villain

The Lean Post – Just two weeks ago the news media was filled with pictures of a gigantic container ship that ran aground and blocked the entire width of the Suez Canal for almost a week, delaying nearly $10 billion in cargo a day. This vulnerability in the... read more

Supply Chains Divided: Safety Stock or Stick with Lean?

SupplyChainDive – Just-in-time supply chains are not going anywhere. Gartner’s Future of Supply Chain: Crisis Shapes the Profession survey found 47% of respondents disagree that lean supply chains will be less applicable in future strategy while 19% agreed and 34% were neutral.

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Hema Has Too Much On Stock: Cancels All Orders

Logistiek – Hema suppliers will not have to supply items to the retail chain in the near future. The retailer has suspended all outstanding orders until mid-April. The reason is that Hema’s distribution centers are currently full. Suspending orders from... read more

Crafting an Effective Post-COVID Clinical-Supply Strategy

SupplyChainBrain – With the pandemic loosening its grip on drug development, it’s time to consider the longer-term effects that COVID-19 will have on how clinical trials and supporting supply chains adapt to industry’s “new normal.” To maintain a competitive... read more

Toyota Tops 2020 OEM-Supplier Relations Study

SAE International – Toyota ranks as the top performer among the six major U.S. and Japanese automakers in all scorecard categories of an annual study focused on the OEM-supplier working relationship. “Toyota blends two critical elements together: They are... read more

Even In EMS, Just-In-Case Inventory Is Not The Right Way

EMS WORLD – COVID-19 threw the EMS supply chain into disarray. We’ve never had such unprecedented and unpredicted shortages. Before the pandemic, as stock levels got down, a service would just order more, and in a few days, it would arrive. When the pandemic is... read more

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