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The world of just-in-time manufacturing and supply chain is constantly evolving. Events can change our views, or question our beliefs until now. Check out the below headlines and news reviews, curated specifically for you.

Crafting an Effective Post-COVID Clinical-Supply Strategy

SupplyChainBrain – With the pandemic loosening its grip on drug development, it’s time to consider the longer-term effects that COVID-19 will have on how clinical trials and supporting supply chains adapt to industry’s “new normal.” To maintain a competitive... read more

Toyota Tops 2020 OEM-Supplier Relations Study

SAE International – Toyota ranks as the top performer among the six major U.S. and Japanese automakers in all scorecard categories of an annual study focused on the OEM-supplier working relationship. “Toyota blends two critical elements together: They are... read more

Even In EMS, Just-In-Case Inventory Is Not The Right Way

EMS WORLD – COVID-19 threw the EMS supply chain into disarray. We’ve never had such unprecedented and unpredicted shortages. Before the pandemic, as stock levels got down, a service would just order more, and in a few days, it would arrive. When the pandemic is... read more

Hyundai Considers Introduction Of One-Kit Production

MAELI BUSINESS NEWS KOREA – South Korea’s largest automaker Hyundai Motor Co. is considering implementing a so-called ‘one-kit’ system in local manufacturing lines to achieve multi-variety and small-batch production for better response to market demand and... read more

Danaher Tests Positive For Anti-Virus Supply Chain

FORBES – Only a tiny number of businesses have the expertise to deliver high-quality tests. Companies charged with producing tests must be able to reduce the risk of yielding a false negative. The other important factor is scale. Only the largest companies with... read more

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