Changeover EPEI Dashboard (CO-EPEI)

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  • Powerful Excel-based work-book application, to quickly create an insightful dashboard on changeovers and the EPEI of items, product families and machines.
  • Providing instant insight into the number of changeovers, changeover time and variability per machine and item (class), and the EPEI for the machine and per item (class).
  • TWI-based Work Standard integrated into application. Completely annotated. Additional manual included.
  • Video on EPEI and how to use this application available via THE JIT COMPANY’s YouTube Channel. You can also read some background on EPEI in the related product post on tracking C/Os and EPEI.
  • An essential tool for tracking your progress towards flow in a capital-intensive, and equipment-heavy environment.


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Developing flow in your value stream and supply chain is very much about increasing the frequency with which you produce a part, ultimately producing a single or one piece in the interval with which the market requires your product: the takt time. A key concept in measuring your progress towards perfect flow, is the EPEI, an abbreviation for "Every Part, Every Interval". Particularly in capital-intensive environments where lot sizes are commonplace, EPEI is a very useful indicator.

When you are interested to read more about what "perfect flow" is, and how to evaluate your progress towards "perfect flow", I recommend reading our short blog posts series about "perfect flow". And for a detailed discussion about EPEI, check out the blog post titled: "Using EPEI in Pull Flow".

At THE JIT COMPANY, we have been working on EPEI improvements for years. And an element that was always part of our efforts was a tool to track the number and time spent on changeovers by machine. And we have now made a small, but powerful application out of it, incorporating all our practical experience using this tool for years. It is an Excel-based application that will allow you to create a changeover (C/O) and EPEI dashboard tracking all the changeovers for your items or product families on a piece of equipment, machine or even a complete cell or line, the changeover time and variation therein, and the resulting EPEI per item (class) and for the machine. And it only requires a few data points and running the analysis with a single click.

Additional information


Executable (.exe) application, based upon Microsoft® Excel®. Downloadable as a .zip file.


6.0 MB (x32), 7.2 MB (x64)


Protected by XLS Padlock™. Code-signed by Sectigo®. Activation required with an activation key obtainable via


32-bit (x32), 64-bit (x64). Check 'About Excel' for the version you need.


Free 14-Day Trial License, Full One-Year License (Renewable)

License Info

The 14-day evaluation or trial version is fully functional, with the exception that you cannot save or print (only present) the output results of your analysis. The trial license only applies when you obtain a copy of the application for the first time. After the evaluation period, if you want to continue to use the application you must purchase a full, one-year license, which is renewable at a very low cost.
The full, one-year license grants a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive right to use one copy of the latest version of the application on a single computer. You are granted a one-year maintenance period of technical support and updates from the date of purchase. Upon expiration, you need to renew your license at a discount (€ 7.95), to be able to continue to use the application. Please contact THE JIT COMPANY at for a renewal.

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