JIT-Coaching (6 Bi-weekly Sessions)

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  • Six, bi-weekly coaching sessions on JIT over a 3-month period.
  • Joint planning of sessions, both in terms of topics and timing.
  • A wealth of practical experience and theoretical knowledge accessible to you.
  • Individually tailored to your needs.


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Sometimes you are in need of getting feedback on the challenges that you face in your current role, project, or improvement initiative. You want to get a second opinion, try to learn how others have gone about these challenges, aim to better understand the theory and thinking behind certain methods and techniques, or seek inspiration, ideas, or suggestions. But you don't have access to the right experience within your team, company, or network. Then this coaching "subscription" could very well be something worthwhile considering for you.

Over a 3-month period, we will jointly schedule six, bi-weekly coaching sessions on JIT of about one hour each to discuss topics that you can bring to the table yourself. Of course, we can also suggest topics considering the challenges that you are confronted with, and the problems that you are working on. Coaching can be individually tailored to your needs, both in terms of content and schedule.

Typical topics that we might discuss within the context of just-in-time manufacturing (JIT) are, for instance (but not limited to), strategy and objectives of JIT, supply chain performance management, the meaning of JIT and the JIT pillar in Lean, value stream analysis, demand analysis, takt time planning, heijunka, planning processes and systems for JIT, layouts for flow, changeover reduction, balancing, push and pull principles, kanban systems, sourcing and supplier integration in JIT, deploying JIT within (multi-site) companies, managing in a JIT environment, consequences and impact of JIT, and many more.

Interested in setting up a JIT-coaching relationship with Rob van Stekelenborg from THE JIT COMPANY? Then contact us before purchasing this item. We can then first discuss some more about your needs and requirements and the possible schedule.

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