Little’s Law Game Pack (OPF and Pull)

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  • Full game necessities for Little’s Law game.
  • This simple, yet powerful game helps to understand the basic JIT principles of single- or one-piece flow and pull.
  • You can play this game with multiple teams in parallel, each ranging from 4 to about 9 participants.
  • Includes a PowerPoint slide pack, two Excel dashboards, various templates for the teams, and a detailed game instruction for the game facilitator.


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To understand the principles of just-in-time manufacturing or JIT for short, you have to dive into the world of queuing theory a little bit. And this little bit could consist of just playing this game, based upon Little's Law.

John D.C. Little is an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). And he is best known for the law named after him, Little's Law. It is a relatively simple, yet powerful law, relating throughput rate and inventory to throughput or lead time. Little's Law represents a basic law that helps to understand why single- or one-piece flow, coordinated by a pull mechanism in production control is considered to be so important in JIT manufacturing.

THE JIT COMPANY has been playing this game with its clients for many years now. And now you can. This product contains almost everything you need, except the physical 'parts' you will need to organize locally. At THE JIT COMPANY, we use poker chips. But all the rest you need is there: a PowerPoint slide pack, Excel dashboards, templates for the teams, and a detailed game instruction for the facilitator.

Download it today, and you could be playing this simple, yet powerful game with your teams almost instantaneously.

Additional information


A set of .pdf, .xls and editable .ppt files.


In total, 2.5 MB

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