Demand Profiling Pack (SDP/MDP)

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  • Powerful Excel-based work-book applications, to quickly and effectively analyze demand patterns.
  • Providing instant insight into demand volumes (ABC/Pareto, Glenday’s Sieve), variability (XYZ), item takt-time, order frequency/intervals, lead times, and delivery reliability.
  • TWI-based Work Standard integrated into applications. Completely annotated. Additional manuals available.
  • Video series on demand profiling and the use of these applications available via THE JIT COMPANY’s YouTube Channel.
  • Full online course on demand profiling available via the course page.
  • A proven and powerful combination for impressive and quick analysis results.


One of the first things to do in developing a value stream or supply chain strategy, is to understand your demand patterns. This often entails enormous amounts of work to obtain demand data, sifting through all the fields you need or not, creating the right data subsets, and not even mentioning the effort required to create your Excel own worksheets and -books, with the key summary data and all the charts you would need to make to properly convey your messages to your team and your management.

At THE JIT COMPANY, we have been performing these kinds of data crunching and analysis tasks for years, and we have put all of our experience in two Excel-based applications, which you can now also purchase as a package. MDP or the Multi-Item Demand Profiler allows you to analyze the demand profile of a whole product portfolio over a longer period of time in all its aspects. With just one click, MDP will provide you with the common ABC-analysis and various visualizations thereof (bar chart, cumulative Pareto chart, and Mekko chart). It also instantaneously shows you Glenday's Sieve applied to your products. Furthermore, MDP will provide you with a clear view of overall demand variability over time (requested, promised, shipped) and its distribution, it will give you insight in demand frequency and regularity (using demand intervals) and provide you with a complete product portfolio characterization based upon variability (XYZ-analysis) and intervals, MDP visualizes requested, promised and actual lead times, and provides insight into your true on-time performance (percentage-wise and in terms of span).

The SDP application allows you to analyze the demand profile of a single item but in some more detail. With just one click, SDP will provide you with a clear view of demand variability over time and its statistical stability (using SPC), the demand distribution, insight in demand frequency and regularity over time (using demand intervals), the item’s historical takt time, the item’s position based upon variability and frequency classes, requested, promised and actual lead times for the item, and insight into your on-time performance (again percentage-wise and in terms of span).

These types of analyses used to take days to compile, but with THE JIT COMPANY's Multi-Item and Single-Item Demand Profiler (SDP and MDP) you will be able to do so in minutes.

Additional information


Executable (.exe) application, based upon Microsoft® Excel®. Downloadable as a .zip file.


6.5 MB + 16.5 MB (x32), 7.5 MB + 17.5 MB (x64)


Protected by XLS Padlock™. Code-signed by Sectigo®. Activation required with an activation key per application obtainable via


32-bit (x32), 64-bit (x64). Check 'About Excel' for the version you need.


Free 14-Day Trial License, Full One-Year License (Renewable)

License Info

The 14-day evaluation or trial versions are fully functional, with the exception that you cannot save or print (only present) the output results of your analysis. The trial license only applies when you obtain a copy of the application for the first time. After the evaluation period, if you want to continue to use the application you must purchase a full, one-year license, which is renewable at a very low cost.
The full, one-year license grants a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive right to use one copy of the latest version of the applications on a single computer. You are granted a one-year maintenance period of technical support and updates from the date of purchase. Upon expiration, you need to renew your license at a discount (€ 9.95 per application), to be able to continue to use the software. Please contact THE JIT COMPANY at for a renewal.

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