Value Stream Dynamics Dice Game (Pull and Kaizen)

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  • Full game necessities for the Value Stream Dynamics, dice game.
  • An exciting, highly interactive game to demonstrate te effects of WIP and variation on a company’s operational and financial performance.
  • You can play this game with a team of 10 to about 20 participants.
  • The game consists of four rounds, in total taking some 3 to 4 hours (maximum) to play.
  • Includes a PowerPoint slide pack, an Excel dashboard, various game templates, and a detailed game instruction for the game facilitator.


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Just-in-time manufacturing or JIT is exposed to real-life problems. And this makes you wonder whether JIT can work for you, in your specific, highly variable environment. This highly interactive value stream dynamics game, using dice, allows you to experience the effects of variability on your supply chain. And it will demonstrate how limiting WIP and reducing variation impact your operational and financial performance.

The four-round game can be played with 10 up to a maximum of 20 participants that will run a 10-workstation supply chain, including a customer and a supplier. The dice will ensure that every time you play, the environment will be different. This exciting, 3 to 4-hour game is also very insightful for make-to-order companies, as individual orders will be inserted into the value stream, and visually tracked. This will enable everyone to see how certain decisions impact both the overall performance and the lead time of the individual orders.

THE JIT COMPANY has been playing this game with its clients for many years now. And now you can. This product contains almost everything you need, except the physical 'parts' and dice you will need to organize locally. At THE JIT COMPANY, we use poker chips. But all the rest you need is there: a PowerPoint slide pack, Excel dashboards, templates for the teams, and a detailed game instruction for the facilitator.

Download it today, so you can be playing this exciting and powerful game with your teams as well!

Additional information


A set of .pdf, .xls and editable .ppt files.


In total, 15.7 MB

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