Not sure exactly what JIT is about? We’ve got you covered. We offer a blended training environment, using engaging face-to-face training – loaded with practical examples, anecdotes and real-life cases – combined with highly interactive e-learning modules.


Are you lacking the internal know-how to become successful at JIT manufacturing? Don’t worry. We can provide learning materials, in-house training and e-learning modules, customized to your context. We can also support in setting up your own internal academy and curriculum.


Not sure whether JIT is something for you? Or that JIT will generate the desired results? We can help you answer these questions, with apt production system assessments, or by using dynamic, computer-aided simulation models built in ANYLOGIC.


Are you hesitating to start? Sure, transforming into a JIT company isn’t an easy task. But with our vast experience of almost 25 years, we can guide you with consulting, coaching, and also provide the practical tools and templates you need on the way.

Transforming your operations into a just-in-time system can be quite challenging. THE JIT COMPANY can help you reaping JIT’s benefits as well as easing your journey. Find out how we help our clients:

We Provide Inspiring Training

Our market research has shown, that one of the main challenges companies see in moving towards just-in-time, is a lack of knowledge about JIT.

We provide a blended learning environment, using engaging face-to-face training, combined with highly interactive e-learning modules, and deepening webinars.

Our training offering includes an one-day introductory overview course on just-in-time manufacturing systems, several one-day master classes on selected topics (e.g., kanban, heijunka, lot sizing using EPEI, decoupling strategies, small train supply, and others), and a full, five-day course for JIT experts and deployment (pillar) leaders.

We Help Setting Up Your Own Academy

The availability of sufficient internal know-how is a key factor in transforming an organization. Companies require a critical mass to be able to cross the chasm.

We provide companies with learning materials, adapted to their context, and customized with their corporate identity.

We deliver in-house training, including e-learning, all fully customized to your context. And using a train-the-trainer approach, we can enable you to do your own training.

For larger organizations, we can also support in setting up and managing your own JIT curriculum and internal (JIT) academy.

We Assess Your Situation

Maybe you are not convinced just-in-time is applicable to your environment, considering your customers and demand patterns, or your technical or social constraints. Or you doubt the benefits JIT could possibly bring.

We can help to answer these questions, for instance with apt production system assessments, that contrast your current performance and processes with those of JIT-based companies.

Or by using (bespoke, if required) dynamic, computer-aided simulation models that help in verifying the effects just-in-time principles might have in your specific circumstances.

We Support Your Implementation

Sure, transforming into a JIT company isn’t done overnight. We can tell from experience. JIT changes how you plan and operate your supply chain, and it may impact your layout, and your ERP and costing systems.

But with our over 20 years of experience, we can guide you with consulting and coaching, and provide you with practical and useful tools and templates that ease the road for you.

These tools and templates address topics like ABC analysis, creating a PFEP, value stream mapping, developing standards, kanban loop calculations, creating heijunka schedules, lot sizing using EPEI, line balancing, and many more.

You are not the only one facing delivery, cost and inventory challenges. There are many more. Check out some of our client cases and testimonials, and find out what others have to say about us.

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