Sufficient internal know-how is key in a JIT transformation. We provide learning materials, games, training, e-learning modules, or can support you in setting up your own full-fledged academy. To give you a jump start on your JIT journey.

Looking to develop your own internal competencies and skills in just-in-time manufacturing? Look no further. We have got what it takes to get your people to world-class levels.


We have probably trained hundreds of people in just-in-time. And used training materials during JIT projects. So, no need to create your own materials, if you can obtain them from us

We have got workshop scripts, presentations, facilitator guides, templates, and much more. Find them in our shop, and start your own JIT program.

In-House Training

When just having the training materials is not sufficient, we are happy to assist in training your teams in-house. Or start with train-the-trainer sessions, to get you up to speed yourself asap.

Or maybe you need our materials and e-Learning modules to be customized, with your own examples and adapted to your corporate identity. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


As part of our training, we often make use of effective and inspiring games. Games that engage your people, that are fun to play, but that also take quite some time to create.

Now you can get your hands on some of these games. As they are available in our shop. Including clear and detailed facilitation instructions, game tracking sheets, and other necessities.


Sometimes, you need more than just individual materials or some loose training sessions. You need a well-thought-out and complete curriculum for your people across the organization.

We have been there, and maybe you want to tap into our experience. Then don’t hesitate, and get in touch with us. To find out how we can help develop your own JIT academy.

Some of our products that you may like. And don’t forget to visit our shop for more!

Want to learn more about how we can help?

Connect with us if you would like to find out how our services can help you in overcoming your challenges. Give us a call, send us an e-mail and let's have a coffee. Don't hesitate, and contact us today!
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