Not convinced just-in-time is applicable to your environment? Or you doubt the benefits JIT could bring? We understand. We help to answer your questions, with assessments and dynamic simulation. So you can move forward with confidence.

Sure, transforming your organization into a just-in-time company is not a decision to be taken lightly. That’s why we can help you to see the opportunities and possibilities.


Wondering how well you are really doing? Whether there are opportunities left on the table in your supply chain and operations? Our market survey indicates many are.

Contact us to schedule a quick scan of your operations. Or when you are more of a DIY type, download our just-in-time diagnostics checklist from our shop.


But maybe a quick scan or DIY diagnostic is not enough for you. Maybe you want to have an in-depth assessment of how well your processes stack up against world-class JIT manufacturers.

In that case, contact us for a comprehensive review of your processes, and a profound evaluation of your current production system.


Companies may question the applicability of JIT in their environment. Just-in-time possibly does not function very well when confronted with certain market dynamics.

Put JIT to the test, and see how it would cope with your demand patterns. We can simulate your business using our ANYLOGIC dynamic simulation model.


Based upon your diagnostic, assessment, or simulation results, you may want to move ahead with the first steps on your JIT journey. But how to start?

With our extensive experience in accompanying companies on their JIT journey, we are confident that we can also help you. So, don’t hesitate, and get in touch!

Some of our products that you may like. And don’t forget to visit our shop for more!

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