One of the main challenges companies see in moving towards just-in-time, is a lack of knowledge about JIT. We provide engaging face-to-face training, combined with highly interactive e-learning modules, and deepening webinars.

Fill your knowledge gap with one of our open training opportunities. Or enroll in an e-learning program. Looking for something specific? Let us know!

Open Training

When you are on the outlook for a proper training on just-in-time, look no further. Enroll in one of our open training sessions. We have three options for you, all filled with experience, rooted in theory, and delivered with energy.

You can choose from a one-day introductory course, various in-depth masterclasses, or the intense five-day immersion course.


We provide a blended learning environment, where you can prepare and review your training sessions using our interactive e-Learning modules. Or just enroll in an e-Learning class without the training. The choice is yours.

We are continually adding e-Learning modules to our offerings. So, check out our online course page regularly to see if there is something to your liking.


Maybe you don’t see anything to your taste in our current offering. Perhaps you have a very specific question that is bothering you already for a while. And where you would like to get some input from an expert. Don’t worry!

Get in touch with us in that case. Because we can organize webinars and Q&A sessions with you and your teams on topics that are relevant to you. Right now!


But maybe you are looking for something else. Perhaps you are more interested in in-house training sessions. Or even in setting up an internal JIT academy as part of your internal corporate university. Or possibly you just need some learning materials.

Then check out our Academy Services, where we can supply you with materials, games, in-house training, and more.

Some of our products that you may like. And don’t forget to visit our shop for more!

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Connect with us if you would like to find out how our services can help you in overcoming your challenges. Give us a call, send us an e-mail and let's have a coffee. Don't hesitate, and contact us today!
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