Many of us have been creating tools to analyze demand, determine kanban loops, define product families, determine lot sizes, create heijunka-based schedules, and so on. It would be nice to have some smart and experienced-based applications that could help, right? Check out our applications!


Enroll in our training classes and courses. Register for our JIT overview class, various in-depth master classes, or our five-day JIT leadership course. Benefit from the hands-on experience in highly interactive sessions, together with peers from other manufacturing companies, or with your colleagues in-house.


Download our practical tools and templates and save yourself the hassle of creating everything from scratch. In our almost 25 years of experience, we have developed and used many different tools and templates, that are now available to you. To help you in your training and implementation efforts.


Enroll in an e-learning course. Take the introductory course on just-in-time, or do deep-dives into specific topics related to JIT. We’ve got you covered. Take them independently, or as part of your blended learning program.


Find the presentations and learning materials you need for your own internal training. Fully customizable by your own organization. Available in popular, editable Microsoft file formats. So you can make your JIT program a success, without the effort and hassle of creating world-class materials.

As part of your journey towards just-in-time you could use some concrete help. So check out our shop. We are sure you will find the practical and helpful presentations, tools and templates you were looking for. Or sign-up for one of our classes or e-learning courses to get the best out of our products.

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